Remember 5 Point Someone? Maybe its time now to be a Point 5 Someone …


Maybe this has always existed even in India, but it is only of late that I am beginning to notice the description of anything and everything in a ‘tens’ way. So much so that even the ubiquitous Sunny Leone discussions are around 10 things about her that you did not know before!

Sample these. Before I wished my friends a happy Ugadi, I googled to know more about this festival. And found an article saying, ’10 rituals you must know about Ugadi’.

Actress Nanda died and guess what, the media was abuzz with Top 10 movies of Nanda, 10 greatest songs with Nanda in it, 10 of her best dialogues, 10 heroes with whom she acted and it was 10, 10, 10 everywhere.

Am I beginning to pay too much atTENtion to this trend or is the world consTENtly changing? At times, the number can go up or down as well. 5 things you must be aware of before you decide on your choice of Lok Sabha candidate, 8 reasons why Modi is the best and 16 questions from Kejriwal to Modi on Gujarat, top 3 priorities of Rahul (women empowerment, RTI and err … whatever!).

To get distracted, I decided to watch India vs Australia T20 match. Thank God it was not a T10 game. But wait, my joy was short-lived. Just when the batsman was about to take strike, on the big screen players from both teams started a countdown, 10, 9 …. 1 … TEN again!!! Why cant countdowns start from say 8 or 7 or 15?!!

The good news: There are 11 players in a cricket team. But only 10 wickets to get all out, no? That was my brain asking itself a question. Does that also qualify as a ‘selfie’?

TENsion has to be overcome by getting amused at things that drive you crazy. With that as a guiding philosophy or hypothesis, I decided to design my own list of 10 things. Then, a serious thought came to my mind and I have decided to share 0.5 ways to Give! Yes, you can make a difference by following the 0.5 ways of giving.

  1. Chose to keep aside 0.5 [Could be 0.5 rupees per day or 0.5 dollars. Even 50 paise a day adds up to 180 rupees per year which is not a small amount for people who seek treatment / therapies. There are several such people I got to meet at Spastics School]
  2. The 0.5 could be a percentage of salary or time that you will spend doing something towards Giving to the needy. Realize that 0.5% of your time is less than 10 minutes a day. If you think 0.5% of your salary is a very big amount, make it 0.5% of a week’s salary, but stick to some 0.5% …

I can write down 8 more for the sake of writing. But it would be good if you could think of your own customized way to Give. There are many needy people and you are fortunate to be in a position to give something to such fellow human beings. If nothing at least give them a smile and see how the 0.5 ways of Giving can work wonders … ah, I am touched with what my Book can do, and am also touched by the overwhelming support from friends and well-wishers.

Thanks a lot &

Think about it.  The question is, Can you be a point five someone?


 p.s: Posting this in an unedited form. Sorry for the digressions and errors, if any

Side thoughts:

Let me share my findings on this 10 ways of abc stuff. One template to write 10 ways of doing anything can be as follows:

Example: 10 ways to reach your goal [Replace your goal with anything you wish to achieve]

  1. Stay focused on your goal ONLY.
  2. Do not focus on anything other than your goal.

Note that the above 2 statements will obey McKinsey’s MECE gyan (Mutually Exclusive, Collectively Exhaustive) .. Things to focus and things not to focus on!

Now write 4 random things related to Statement 1 and 4 more on Statement 2 above. If you are wondering how could this be valid for talking about Nanda, no problem! Talk about how Nanda never got married, how she never got to act in Benhur because she did not like eating sausages.