Part 3 of N: Some updates, idea and request …

After a long wait of about 7-8 weeks I got a reject email from a publisher yesterday evening. The timing almost coincided with another email from a leading publisher asking me to share my work for their evaluation. Therefore, I didn’t even get the time to feel bad about it … ha ha! Would be great if I could get feedback but unsure if that happens in the industry.

Keeping my fingers crossed and really excited about all the ideas and plans to make this work. Meanwhile, I got into some serious business planning mode, spoke to some of my batch mates and brainstormed. Figured that the cost of production is about 3.5 – 4 Lakhs (INR) and that is assuming I am putting zero cost for all the time and effort I have put in for the book. Debut author hoon bhai, shouldn’t dream too much ­čśë

Great to have some close people to review and edit the book … Thanks Archana and Romeet! and welcome to “The Book” Team.

A couple of friends told me about Kickstarter and I figure that funding for creative projects can happen through this website but unfortunately it is for people residing in US and UK only. [Still verifying]

I am seriously considering starting a similar service in the near future because creativity should be nurtured and encouraged! Period! If I cover my costs and make money, a % of it will go back to the contributors and another % will be used to fund other creative projects. I am thinking of funding debut authors in the future. Just thinking aloud here because the journey has been fantastic so far not because the destination is near or visible, but the possibilities are so many. May God bless me enough to carry on and inspire others to┬áchannelize┬átheir creative energies. Arun Chillara, for example, a batchmate from IIT KGP is a great example of pursuing an interest because of ‘interest’. While I work out the details, if you are interested to contribute in any way, please mail me at …. I am looking to make this a Not for Profit initiative. Suggestions, cash, gaalis, feedback – all comments welcome!


Raman Rengarajan Iyengar