Quick Update

Will have some time from Feb 1st as I am taking an off to focus on the book … not sure how people juggle many things but I sure need some dedicated book time. Things are going good e

xcept for the funding – a few action items remaining there and need to shoot a video plus edit a couple of videos. As I have spoken about Kavitha before, here are a few pictures introducing her to all of you.

Had been to the Spastics Society and saw the needs and kind of funding that they require. Amazing work is being done with tons of passion for very low costs … cant think of the usual financial equations or returns here! Kavitha, for example goes for a 3 hour therapy every week and it costs Rs. 150 (approx 2.5 USD); so we can actually sponsor her therapy sessions if you donate $10 (monthly) or $120 (for an year) ….

On the book front, I am keeping my fingers crossed as an interesting proposal is due for discussion with a media partner … Praying that it happens sooner than later and my collections get better. So far, $555 collected out of $8000 and another 25+ days to go.