Update again

After constructive criticism from my editors, my dear SIL and my dear friend, Sunil, I am back to editing the book. What is weird is that these 2 people don’t know each other but the comments that they have given me are exactly the same. About 10 feedback comments and the one to one correspondence is a height of coincidence that I am still digesting! Wow!! Cant divulge the comments at this time but it sure is a spooky experience of sorts.

The editing part is turning out to be tough because when I was constructing the chapters, i could spend 10-15 minutes, draw a rough mind map, jot down an idea whenever it came to me, make notes and work on it later. i could slowly build the story. but the same is not happening during the editing phase as i have to edit in 1 sitting – that is at least a 2-3 hour ask in one go! But got to do it! Come on … haven’t you heard the story of digging, digging and digging till you reach the gold. Gold or not, dig I must.

On the update front, got some rejects … maybe I should have tested before sending it out to the big names. Lesson Learned!

Encouraging sign is the extremely positive feedback on the story line from both these editors whose feedback really mattered to me. That is the tonic I needed to push myself to edit.

Meeting a self publisher soon.

Execution is Key now … thanks to all for mailing me, asking me the progress, offering to help etc. I am humbled to know that there are so many people who are my well wishers.

Hang in there …

[the last line is a message to the readers and Self ;-)]




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